Monday, January 9, 2012

I am still here, didn't all

I still have the thing in my hand that I should not bring from 2011 to 2012. I feel myself so useless. These things should be very easy to be done but I just too scare to know the results. So the problem keeps dragging and still being undone until this moment.

My determination to do something I need to do is really weak. I may easily being affected by my evil mind, then I give up on something I shouldn't give up.

I think my life now is totally a mess. I can't even forgive myself, especially how easy i have already gave up myself for so many times. I do nothing but just being so helpless to see the problem grow bigger and bigger. fml.

Could you please give me some courages? Anyone?


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Every friend of mine are talking about their changes lately.
I found this happens so often in daily conversations, blogs, facebook. Especially after watching the movie, You Are The Apple of My Eyes.

This movie takes us back to old times, which is the best moment of life, the innocent teenager life with nothing to worry in high school. This movie really remind me that everything in my life is started to change at this age.

What a 19 years old going to be 20. College, university, work, money!
High school friends are no longer as close as the past. Family is no longer supportive like you used to be as a kid. You meet different levels of people. You face problems, which you have to handle it all by yourself. You need to think about your future, make decision and DO IT.

What I've learn at this turning point? ...People are greedy, people like to compare, people never get enough. Poor people want to be rich, rich people want to be richer. However, sometimes nothing is more important than "I am happy with my life".

Am I still the Wong Sue Yin that you know last time?
I don't know either.

Live so deadly like this dead blog for 4 months.
Sue Yin

Friday, July 29, 2011




明天的主持人募集活动将在早上十点开始。很多朋友都有去,应该会大排长龙吧。没有什么突发情况的话,我将会在早上八点从家里出发。其办公室位于1 UTAMA附近,对乘搭公共交通工具的我只能说四个字:路途遥远。其实乘搭公共交通工具的时间真的很难熬。近期内我最想要达成的梦想:一定要自己赚钱买车!





Monday, July 4, 2011

I am awake!

Thanks to this video.
Thank you Beyonce.
I am awake!

"It's very difficult managing myself. Every night when I go to sleep, I ask 100 of questions, but I am learning so much. And I made a mistake and I learned it from them, and I'm not afraid of make mistakes. I embrace mistakes, that made you who you are. I never been afraid before also. And I'm saying all these things, but now I'm getting tested."

"There's nothing that can stop them from dancing, and I love to surround myself with that hyper energy, it's just, it's that the reason why you perform."

"I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart, and concentrate on what I want to say to the world. I run the world."

Sunday, July 3, 2011








但, 谁能了解我的心?







Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers' Day & Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow will be a special day...
It's Fathers' Day &
Miss Wong Sue Yin's birthday!

I will be officially 19 years old and no longer 18 sui pok pok cui =__="
By the way, every year my birthday is very close to Fathers' Day, I am getting used to share my birthday cake with my daddy. LOL!

Actually I am alone staying at Pearl Discovery, Kuchai Lama branch and waiting Mr. Makalele from off work. Anyone drop by to say hi? Weih =D I just ordered Ice Chocolate, in fact I am drinking Ice Chocolate mixed Columbia Chocolate, which is special made by Makalele. Well...its taste is sooooooooo rich! Which girl doesn't like chocolate? She is weirdo. haha.

hmm. Recently I had been participated in Mustang's students dance battle, and unexpectedly I got 1st runner up with my all-style freestyle. lol.

this is the top 5 battle with Ker Qian, the young popper, street jazz & latin dancer.

This round is quite excited because both of us used to do girl style and popping, too.

And the top 3, semi final battle with Alfred, the bboy.

Hahaha. The unexpected part is my Invert. I never been holding it for so long in my freestyle. XD
okay, I know my top rock and down rock is sucks anyway....

Another top 3, semi final battle with Kuan Fai, the bboy.

Obviously, Kuan Fai killed all the beats although this song doesn't fit bboy, he is dope!

After the discussion from the judges, me and Kuan Fai were proceed to the final.

This is the final round with tasks, I had to perform Boogaloo & Kuan Fai had to perform Jazz style in bboying, which are the weakness in our own dance styles.

As you can see, I am sucks in Boogaloo, Kuan Fai really smoked me in this round. He is deserved to be the champion of the day.

After all, I still need to improve myself, as the dance scene is getting bigger in Malaysia compared to last few years, as well as the whole world. I think I would put Popping as my major dance style? =)

I love dancing, I really hope I can share this with others. As for me, dancing is a language, it has no barrier between nations, races and cultures. It express yourself with music, it is free. Dancing is a lifestyle to me. (Of course it's not to showoff in clubs. I know some dancers did, but not me.)

I will keep dancing till the world ends =D

MustangKia ganbate in the battle on 26 June.
Written by Sue Yin.


Just finished doing something I have stopped doing for years.

The same feeling is back. Ha! =D

I like this feeling.
Simple. Lovely. Excitement.

Random post.
it's been a long time since I posted something so random like this one.
Just to express the happiness deep in my heart that been sink for a very long time ago.

Morning everyone!

Good night for me.
Written by lifestyleupsidedown Sue Yin